Jump onboard and join the Shark Club!

Here at South Broward, we have a very special club for individuals who are interested in the predator of the sea, the shark. In this club we work with the University of Miami’s Student Shark Research Program for a hands-on experience in capturing, tagging and researching the sharks that they catch. This shark team provides students with experiences with sharks that they couldn’t have anywhere else!

Sept. 29, 2017 Shark trip with University of Miami..

We just had an amazing day of tagging with students and faculty from South Broward High School! With their help, we were able to tag, sample, and quickly release four sharks: two blacktips, one blacknose, and one great hammerhead. It’s always an exciting day when we get to collect more data on this seldom-studied IUCN Endangered species! Awesome photo of a great hammerhead as it’s released by our team by Nicole Lin (@footloose_girl).

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Upcoming Meetings

All meetings will be held directly after school in room 401, unless announced otherwise. Must attend the meeting to be eligible for the upcoming shark trip.